Unicorn Frappuccino - Worth the Instagram-hype?


Unique as a unicorn is what can be used to describe this limited edition Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. Available only until April 23rd, this Instagram-worthy drink is here to be an eye catcher!

Topped with blue and pink powder, this is as weird as it gets being an extremely sour and tart iced drink. Looking at the ingredients it's basically a Frappe with creme and mango Syrups, so like a mango creamsicle? With that, you have a sour blue drizzle that makes this drink taste similar to an Asian yogurt drink (Yakult). 

The interchanging of sour and creamy comes together as a sugar overload!

Side note: Yakult is blowing up in Seoul right now with the yogurt flavour made into gummy candies, chips, almonds, you name it!

Starbucks definitely caught the attention of the Instagrammers for this limited edition drink making the lines as long as happy hour fraps in the summer. 

I have to say, good to photograph, not so much to drink.

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