[ MELU Juice & Health Bar ] My First Zoodle Bowl + Instagram GIVEAWAY


I am always on the look out to treat myself and most definitely in the form of a quality lunch meal. Working in Downtown Vancouver has its perks when I was fortunate enough to be invited by MELU Juice & Health Bar to try out their meal sets. They pride themselves in providing vegan, gluten free, and raw options to optimize your nutrient intake. Can you believe that they could pack 2-3 pounds of fruits and vegetables into a single 500ml cold pressed juice?

Here we have the Berry Beetiful, packing apples, tomatoes, beetroot, and strawberries into a nutrient-dense jam packed detoxifying juice. A refreshing break from my normal coffee run, the sweet fruity notes overpowered the tomato and beetroot flavours. I ended up bringing this back to the office and slowly sipped through the day. For me, it gives me one of the simplest ways to integrate high quality ingredients into my diet.

They offer a few choices for their hot health bowls but with my indecisiveness kicking in, it took me a some time to settle for the Cream of Mushroom Miso as a Soup Zoodle Bowl. Everything in the bowl except the base is left raw to give you the most nutrients possible. Realizing I was eating a raw meal hot taught me that getting more nutrient-dense vegetables in doesn't always have to be in the form of a cold salad. On top of that, they do not use any oil, salt, or artificial sugars to flavor the dish. Is there anything more to love about MELU? YES.

No baking or heat needed for their delicious health bars, I got to complete my meal with a Mint Chocolate Holiday Health Bar. Literally too excited, that I am not sure if that's the correct name but what really matters is what it tasted like. Garnished with goji berries and tiny mint leaves, I dug into a combination of a chocolate mousse, brownie, nut filled, minty dessert. My sweet tooth is not the biggest so having a dessert naturally sweetened was perfect for me.

High quality ingredients, unique cooking techniques, and embodying the true meaning of healthy eating, MELU Juice and Health Bar is your go to place for an amazing lunch and/or juice cleanse.

Now for the real treat, head over to https://www.instagram.com/bentonli/ and check out the photo below to see my giveaway details for you to try your own meal set on us!

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