[ Ramengers ] The Golden Yolk Gets Me Everytime


 I would pick noodles over rice any day. The texture of noodles or ramen gives me the satisfying slurp and bite I always crave. I had previously driven past Ramengers a whole bunch of times and today was the day I decided to try it out.

The restaurant had limited space, enough for about 10 guests at a time but was well furnished with wooden chairs and tables. Ramen options were classified into five different soup bases which relieved us from the indecisive mindset we bring to every food establishment. Ordering the Shio Ramen myself, it came within minutes and we were all ready to slurp away!

The char siu had a different texture than most places, with less fat and the look of a swirl cake. Personally, I prefer a fairly fatty char siu because it gives the soup a richer body but this meat wasn’t bad by any means. The ramen had a good spring and the broth was not too salty. Along with the other toppings like corn, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoot, this was the typical bowl of ramen you could get anywhere. However, the soft boiled egg, did I tell you guys how much I love eggs? In any way, shape, or form, eggs are the epitome of fulfillment. The semi-runny golden yolk completed the dish.

With a fair price of $9.75, this was the average quality and price of ramen you could get in the Lower Mainland. If I ever need a quick ramen fix, this would be the place to go!

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