[ 720 Sweets ] So Chilly It's Smokin'


Dessert shops are popping up left and right in the Vancouver area! Located in the Kitsilano area, 720 Sweets is the newest hit for all the ice cream lovers out there. From their simplistic store front to their smokin' desserts, you will receive a dessert experience unlike any other.

Attending the second day opening, they offered four flavors crafted for the ultimate aesthetic and ready as the star Instagram post for the night. With all items in a cup full of dry ice, the smoke oozing off the sides got me ready to order my very own.

Being the brightest store on the block at night, you are greeted with friendly service as you contemplate which flavor to order. Luckily, I came with 3 friends and we ordered the entire menu!

Milky Way: Milk tea ice cream topped with almonds, caramel drizzle, and espresso grass jelly accompanied with an almond cookie

Definitely has the most unique variation out of the four. Rich flavor of classic milk tea had a nutty kick with the espresso grass jelly balancing out the overall sweetness.

The Classic: Top secret ice cream, graham cracker, condensed milk topped with a butter cookie.

They had ran out of the top secret ice cream and butter cookies so substitutions of the vanilla ice cream and a shortbread cookie were made. As the name implied, it was a definite classic. With a simpler flavor, it is perfect for those who loves something creamy and light.

Honey720:  Vanilla ice cream, honey drizzle, gold n' shiny honeycomb

If you are a major sweet-tooth, you will love this one! Having a scoop filled with a classic taste paired with warm, velvety honey would leave anyone craving for more! For me, it was far too sweet for me, they needed something more than the ice cream to counteract the honey. Having some fruit would have been a good option.

S'more Please:  Chocolate ice cream, chocolate corn flakes, dark chocolate drizzle, almond stick, toasted marshmallow

Hearing my name and getting the marshmallow toasted right in front of me definitely adds to the whole dessert experience. Chocolate lovers and sweet-tooths with a more rich tongue will love the full bodied flavor of all the chocolate components coming together.

I think they did a fantastic job at defining the flavors and types of dessert connoisseurs to target to maximize their reach. Although the dry ice does not last too long, you will definitely be able to get that photo in before it starts melting. My overall impression? It's the latest pop up dessert spot with something unique to set themselves apart from others. Love the execution and overall experience you get walking in but I hope they are able to look into offering more variations of ice cream that aren't commonly found elsewhere.

Desserts with dry ice have been introduced all around the world and now it's time for Vancouver to make their mark with 720 Sweets. It is a definite place to check out and I will need to head back over for a taste of their top secret ice cream! #720sweets

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