[ Twisted Ice Cream ] I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream SMALL!


If I said that I did not take a photo of the store front because it would be more beneficial to physically go find the shop for the experience, would you believe me? No? Yea, I thought so. Sorry, but I was too much in awe by the size. Imagine the size of a McDonald's ice cream machine, that takes up half the shop. There is room for a small sink and two feet of walking space. It is 100% just a hole in the wall.

I love how the use of space takes the definition of efficiency to a whole new level.

For $4, I got the Pistachio soft serve in a waffle cone. The green flavoring did not twist as beautifully as I was expecting and it had started melting minutes too early for me to even take out my phone for a proper photo. As for flavor, nothing. Whether it be my poor taste buds or lack of understanding for ice cream, I had actually not tasted anything. It was a simple ice cream soft serve.

There isn't much to it, the product or the shop. Will I come back to Twisted Ice Cream? If they add more intensity to their flavors, I will gladly try it out again!

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