[ Basho Cafe ] Mmm Matcha Mochi Muffin


Being an avid Instagram user, I had seen a bunch of posts from Basho Cafe. From their tiny pastries to their light lunch offerings, today was the day I got to try both those items!

Walking in, the relaxing ambiance along with the friendly staff made a strong first impression for me.

I ordered the Afternoon Set ($5) with an Iced Americano as the drink side. With the drink, you get 3 pastries pre-chosen to snack on while you sip on your coffee or matcha concoction. 
Now, I am not the best with my pastry names so bare with me. The sugar cookie was fairly average tasting - not dry, with a slight hint of matcha. The madeleines (could be so wrong) was rather dry so taking gulps from my drink made it go down easier.

Now the best part - the tiny bit sized muffins. Moist and flavorful with a mochi consistency, I do not know how they make it but if they had a larger version I would love to eat them EVERYDAY.
Never have I had a mochi muffin and I hope they do not make a cake version of it. If there was, it would be my weekly ritual to have a giant slice of cake and some green tea, watching Netflix. What a perfect day! All in all, it is definitely a must try and you save a few cents having the pastries pre-chosen.

Onto our next dish, the Tuna Tataki Salad ($10.50) was personally delivered by their staff to our table. After some Snapchats and my DSLR photography shots, it was finally time to try it out. Various crispy vegetables, light dressing, and a plethora of fresh tuna tataki - a big YES in my book for a second serving.

Extremely friendly staff, fair pricing, a little far from where I personally live but it won't stop me from stopping by again for their pastries!
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