[ Tap & Barrel - Coal Harbour ] Flight or Fight


Flight or Fight? I flight to the nearest patio with one of the best views in Vancouver!

I was ready to try some beers this day and why not go for five different types. Ordering one of their seasonal flights had hints of pineapple, grapefruit, and a few others I'm not too sure of. By the time I am writing this post, they have already changed their seasonal flight on the website. #sorrrrrrrrryyy

For $10.50, you receive a variety of beers and a slip of paper letting you know which number corresponds to which title. I am almost certain that the bartender mixed up the order or I have the worst taste buds alive (Why am I a food blogger?!).

We were all craving a good brunch pizza but it was early evening, not a rooster call or crow sound to be heard anywhere. I was ECSTATIC that they had ANYTHING with an egg on it. The Pork Belly & Soft Egg Wood Board Pizza - $15.95, made my night. Along with some belly and some delicious egg, the pulled bacon, caramelized onions, smoked mozza, and grated parm had melted together in one big slice of pure happiness. I am not joking when I say I love eggs. Not at all.

A bite here, a sip there, a crunch here. Love it. The simple things in life make my day.

BUT, getting Mussels & Fries - $12.95 wasn't one of those simple things. 

Dinky is my word for this posting. Dinky mussels. Cold and dinky. Well-seasoned but it doesn't satisfy my cravings, so another bite of that pizza we go.

Cold fries aren't too fun either.

I keep it short, keep it real. We ordered it simply because nothing else came to mind looking at the menu.

Love patio season - got my mosquito repellent and I am ready to go!

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