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Looking for a new dessert place to hang out on a Friday night? Mango Mama is the new lady in town!

A few weeks back, a new dessert shop opened up by Aberdeen Center. Mimicking the apparent mango trend happening in the Lower Mainland, here comes Mango Mama Cafe.

Walking in, it was decorated like a Hong Kong Style Cafe with the booth seats and yellow painted walls. You see murals of all their most popular dishes on the wall and we picked the one that definitely stood out.

Mango Neopolitan Cake with Ice Cream, I think I'm butchering the name but its something along the lines of that. Puff pastry - croissant - tower sprinkled with powdered sugar and a dinky little strawberry to top. Sometimes I wonder to myself, why don't I just buy a mango? Why do I pay a good $12 for a dessert like this when I can probably buy a Pillsbury croissant can, a tub of mango gelato, some mangoes, and skip out on the powdered sugar completely?

It was airy, had good flavour, and each component came well together however the price just does not justify. Love it, but I need to a fancier tower for me to whip out my wallet again.

One odd aspect of the place was their use of menus. They provide you with a menu where you check off for the items you wish to order, odd? Yes. Single use? Yes. Waste of paper, Yes yes! 

Mango Sago with Pomelo, is it just me or I do not know what sago is whether it is english, mandarin, or cantonese? I must say, I could finish a good tub of this stuff any day over the Neopolitan cake. It was cold to the lips with just the right amount of sugary, refreshing, indulgent, mango flavour.

The prime attribute of a well made Asian dessert would definitely have to be the sugar level. A very fine balance between a sugary mess and a bland bowl of nothing - this was within the fine line. A decent portion although the giant tray does not do it justice.

I love Asian desserts, anything from a Sago to some Mochi, if there are any other new places out there worth going to, please let me know!
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