[ Icy Bar 利源冰店 ] East Vancouver Dessert Hot Spot


What is the best thing when suffocating in this summer heat? DESSERT.

A new dessert shop has recently opened up in the East Vancouver area. By the name of Icy Bar, their generous servings at a very cheap price keeps the store busy at all times of the day. Ever since I found out about the place a month ago, I've been there so many times that I just cannot live without it.

I had used to hate shaved ice. I would think to myself, why buy frozen water drenched in syrup? Not a fan of snow cones either. However, entering the Icy Bar craze, I've instantly grown to love this topping filled frozen water dish. Writing this post in my poorly ventilated room makes me want to head over there right now. They have around 30 toppings to choose from while also serving bubble tea, tofu dessert, and their preset shaved ice options with ice cream.

The first page of their menu - at a mere $6.50, you receive eight toppings with your shaved ice. Yes – eight. My jaw dropped when I first opened the menu seeing that price after glancing around the store seeing everyone’s orders. The colourful array of toppings on everyone’s tables made me want everything. From fresh cut fruits to more of the Asian choices, I had a bountiful list to choose from. Ended up combining:

Taro Mochi
Red Bean
Grass Jelly

...to make this:

Doesn't that look amazing? It tasted even better than it looked. There were more toppings than shaved ice, every bite was something new.  Now what is even better when the server comes with this? Condensed milk, in a bottle, unlimited. The sensation of drenching your giant dish in sweet deliciousness. My day is made.

Note that places like these will slowly start to shrink their portions the more popular they get. A suggestion for you would be to try it out now while it’s still worth it! Calm the heat and discover this icy chilled plate of affordable luxury.

Updated with two additional photos, two more visits. I just cannot get enough of it. One nick picky thing though, I did not like having the shaved ice on top of everything in the photo on the right.

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