[ King Ludwig's ] A Schweinshax'n?


Looking through my vacation photos from last year and remembered that we went to a German restaurant on our trip to Yellowstone National Park. King Ludwig's in Leavenworth, Washington is in the midst of a small village with German/Bavarian styled architectures. The inside of the restaurant was plain and simple with a small stage for weekend performances by local acts.

With our whole tour group seated, we were recommended their special for tours. Some platter that had their key menu items. They're famous for their Schweinshax'n, no idea how to pronounce it but all I know is that it is pork hock. It is accompanied with Bavarian potato salad, rotisserie chicken, pork cutlets, bread, and sausages. 

It was definitely not something I have ever tasted before. With the main piece having such a tough exterior skin, it was not the most pleasant chunk of meat to cut apart. The strong spices made the overall dish rather salty so we ordered some of their Bavarian dark lager to wash it down.

Finishing my first Bavarian meal and I know I will not be wanting to eat anything like this ever again. I need my veggies.
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