[ Mink Chocolates ] Hot Chocolate Festival 2014 - Definitely Not A Train Wreck


 Its been a while. I know I have been completely MIA from posting in a while but I am back with a refresher from the 2014 VANCOUVER HOT CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL. Happening throughout January to mid February, the festival is back for its 4th time with 25 participating venues. I decided to try out Mink Chocolates because I was in the area for a meeting. It was a very cozy place in a quiet street but still central to downtown Vancouver. Service was very attentive and all I could do was stare at their menu full of different chocolate variations. Their specialty drink for the festival was called the "Definitely Not A Train Wreck." I have no idea why it was called this but it was essentially a lavender based hot chocolate. 

Topped with purple lavender whipped cream, the strong essence of lavender filled the air as soon as my drink was being made. My first sip, imagine this.

A river of liquid chocolate streaming down with lavender petals scattered across - and you're swimming in it. The warm chocolate gliding down my throat was soothing and perfect for any chocoholic.

It was also garnished with two chocolate covered citrus peels which surprisingly tasted very good. The thought of eating a citrus peel was not appetizing to me but this felt like I was biting into a chewy chocolate covered gummy. The tangy taste complimented well with the dark chocolate.

Others weren't so lucky with their regular whipped cream garnish but it was still photo ready when all the phones were taken out and turned onto camera mode.

What I must say is that the drink took a while for me to finish, it may have been too rich for me but one of my friends downed the drink in a jiffy. So dependent on your love for chocolate, Mink's is a must try.

I am rarely in this area so I decided to grab a couple bars of chocolate to go. They have a wide assortment of interesting combinations to make such unique tastes. I decided to go with Mermaid's Choice and Open In Case of Emergency. Not sure if I should gift them or eat them all for myself. The struggles....

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