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I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. I have a bunch of reviews to put out but I can't seem to find time to properly sit down and type for hours. I'm making a small exception this time away from my studies to give you an exciting update!

Selected restaurants that have participated in The Dine Out Vancouver Festival from Jan 17th-Feb 2nd are deciding to extend their menus! I only got the chance to go to two restaurants this year (Yes, I will review them before the next week) and now I can't wait to cross off a couple more restaurants off my list.

The selected restaurants have extended their menus until the following dates:

Click the restaurant name to see menu options


Cardero's - $28
Sandbar Seafood - $28
Seasons in the Park - $28
The Teahouse - $28

Black & Blue - $38
C Restaurant - $38
Coast - $38
Copper Chimney - $28
Glowbal Grill Steaks and Satay - $28
Hapa Izakaya - $18 & $28 menu available, dependent on location
Hart House - $38 (Went last year, no photos but I loved it!)
Italian Kitchen - $28
Society -$18
The Fish Shack - $18
The Granville Room - $18
Trattoria - $18

Miku (Dinner only Sun-Tues | Lunch $28, Dinner $38, Vegetarian Dinner $38 Menus available)
Minami (Dinner only Sun-Tues | Lunch $28, Dinner $38 Menus available)

Bistro Pastis - $38

Cibo Trattoria - $28
Cloud 9 - $28
Edible Canada - $28
Graze - $28
Le Parisien - $28

Bitter Tasting Room - $18
Miku (Lunch $28 on weekends)
Minami (Lunch $28 everyday)
Salt Tasting Room - $28
TenTen Tapas - $28
Thai House - $18

All menus provided are for Dinner only, unless otherwise specified.

I have put the prices beside each restaurant as I know some are more price conscious (because I am). This festival brings out the countless restaurants we have in Metro Vancouver into the spotlight, so don't miss out because it's such a great deal! 
For the two I have visited, I am ecstatic over how my experience has been. I cannot tell you where I went just yet, so keep checking back. You can follow me on all social media platforms for the quickest updates.

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