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I am finally back from my hiatus of studies and work! Cannot believe it's been so long but I have been really busy with exams and transitioning into a new job and just the overall terrifying state that is life itself. My apologies but at least I'M BACK NOW! I finally have time to sit down and properly type type type away. I have not even touched my camera is what it seems like forever. So today I bring to you a box of goodies from Faubourg
This is the small sized assorted pastry box with 8 pieces of beautifully bite-sized portions of perfection.

I'm going to start with my favourite of the bunch, which would be the Coffee Opera. Topped with the Faubourg logo printed chocolate piece, it is made with a almond sponge cake soaked in a coffee syrup, layered with a dark chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream finished with a chocolate glaze. Doesn't that description make you salivate? Just a little bit?
Biting into this classic cake was an extremely moist and rich kick of coffee which I absolutely loved. The coffee balanced the chocolate ganache enough that it wasn't too overwhelming. I'm not a crazy fan of chocolate so this was perfect for me. Hit all the right spots!

Next up, I tried the Lemon Tart - their best seller supposedly. I must say, I do not like lemon pastries - period. I like honey lemon tea. I like lemon juice on salmon. I like lemons. Just not lemon infused pastries or cakes. Not sure why but something about having lemon in a pastry changes the taste of what a natural lemon tastes like. Something about the tangy flavour I must not like. I probably do not even make sense but, you know me.

Loved the texture of the tart, it was a smooth lemon curd with pearls of crystallized sugar which gave the most interesting texture to it with you bite into it. The buttery tart was on par and added to the overall harmonious texture. You can tell whoever made this gave their utmost attention into each detail from the taste to the texture. Everything was good for me except me not liking the taste of lemon. But other than that I can see how this is one of their best sellers.

Now the Blueberry Tart and Raspberry Tart had no surprises. It was a standard fruit tart. Buttery shell, fresh fruit, and a vanilla cream. Wasn't great, wasn't bad, but would never buy the full sized portion - it just wouldn't be worth it.

I believe this was just called a Chocolate Tart. Right next to the blueberry tart, this was a VERY rich piece. Overpowering wave of chocolate hits you when you bite into this. If you love chocolate, you will certainly love this. A chocolate tart made with three forms of chocolate - a piece of chocolate, a chocolate ganache, and a chocolate cream filling. For me personally, it was too much, like I said earlier that I am not the biggest fan of chocolate. I have the occasional craving for chocolate but not a 24/7 urge to eat it like some people I know.

Lastly, the Passionfruit Opera in the back second from the right. This was unique I must say. Like the coffee opera but instead of the coffee cream it was a passionfruit butter cream with a passionfruit glaze on top. The passionfruit taste was very pronounced but again, I think the tanginess of the passionfruit makes me not love the pastry. The execution of the delicate layers are amazing but the actual taste of it just did not amaze me. In fact, it was a little bit weird for me. Imagine tangy, then rich chocolate, then back to that sour tangy taste. Like orange flavoured chocolate - something I will never understand. I guess it's all about balance and I just.... do not like that form of balance between tangy and rich sweetness.

Overall I love the idea of the product, it gives the customer a chance to try an assortment of the beautiful pastries they offer. Although it is assorted, I would have liked it to have each pastry be of a different kind. Seeing the doubling of not one but two kinds of pastries makes me miss out on the chance of trying 2 different kinds. They could have easily added two of their amazing macarons into the box. Until next time!

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