[ Krispy Kreme ] The Only Halloweeny Thing I Did


October - a month of spooky ghosts, witches and gruesome monsters. For me, I'm really not a fan of this month; the tacky home decor, the high crime rates, and unsafe candies don't particularly make me feel like a jolly happy little kid. (That's why I LOVE Christmas.) Literally when October 1st hit, I was waiting for the month to go by so I can  rekindle the Christmas spirit in me. With Halloween still a holiday before I can actually enjoy the Christmas season, I had to celebrate it somehow. A night of Krispy Kreme donuts, horror movies, and takeout food with friends was my Halloween night. Sadly, no more silly trick or treating for me. The night was awfully dead anyways. No one had the Halloween spirit, almost zero kids trick or treating and it just seemed like any other regular night.

Anyways, back to food; the closest Krispy Kreme location was a 25 minute drive with a couple highways and turns here and there. With a car ride filled with laughs and casual talking, we got there in a blink of an eye.

It was about 9:30PM at night and they had their BUY ONE DOZEN FOR $5.99 AFTER 9PM (Regular $11.99) deal going on so we went crazy. It was my first time here and I was pretty sure that the deal was a year long promotion but we all stuffed our faces and went out the door with a couple boxes each.

So many choices, such a small stomach - whatever will I do? Buy them all of course. 

Left to right, up to down: Pumpkin Cheesecake, The PUMPKIN, Mocha Kreme Filled, Original, Custard Filled, Chocolate.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not too much of a sweet tooth. Originals tasted the best for me. Fluffy, airy, simplistic, perfect.
All the kreme filled ones were too overwhelming for me. The amount of kreme in the donuts made me sick. I did like the topping for the pumpkin cheesecake though. It mimics the graham layer of a typical cheesecake, the filling however did not taste anything pumpkin-like. 

I will make this entry short by letting you all know that original will always be the best. 

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