[ Memphis Blues Barbeque House ] It all ends up the same


3 People - 2 guys 1 girl, one dish. Did we finish? 


Went to Memphis Blues Barbeque House one night for no apparent reason. Wasn't even too hungry at the time too. With multiple locations, we ended up at the commercial drive one and ordered the Memphis Feast, their signature item with practically everything on it.

Service was horrible, I found it weird that we had to go up to them to order and grab our own utensils when all they did was bring us water. Decor had the very southern and beer filled peanut throwing atmosphere.

Our dish came and.... meat on meat on meat.
 A person can only eat so much meat in one sitting. 
There were ribs, corn bread, sausages, potato salad, coleslaw, chili, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, chicken, and beef brisket.
The whole farm was on this plate and we were amazed. One thing I must say at first is that it wasn't piping hot. Slightly above room temperature meat is kind of disturbing. 

At first it was amazing - the powerful smokey barbeque flavours of the beef, sausage, pork, and ribs. Chicken was rather dry and bland though. I also wasn't a fan of the corn bread.

For what you get its worth it, seeing the sheer amount of meat on the plate. However, you will quickly get sick of it because the meat is just too overwhelming after the first couple bites. What's worse is that everything ends up tasting the same - barbeque sauce. 

You like barbeque sauce? Come here because its amazing and you get a truckload of meat. You actually eat vegetables like me? Use your own grill.
Small eater? Bring friends.
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