[ Black Dragon Sushi ] To lazy to step out of my house


My team and I at http://www.youtube.com/hippollamaproduction had a last night session so we decided to grab dinner. However, we were so lazy that we just used Just-eat.ca for their list of delivery services in the near vicinity. Scrolling down past all the pizza places, we chose sushi. How original. After cross analyzing with Urbanspoon, Black Dragon Sushi had a 90% rating so we had to go with it! Picked a couple items and off the order went to be made in some random place we will probably never go to. Sadly, delivery took a while so we weren't too happy about that. That one hour of stomach growling should have only been 45 minutes.
Food arrived and we POUNCED on it.
Let's start with some Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll ($4.45) and Deep Fried California Rolls ($4.95)
Even though I wanted to try the deep fried california roll, I resisted the temptations to make my throat hurt even more than it should be. Chopped scallop was not impressive by any standards, the scallop was cut in such small pieces, drowned in some mixture and hardened together in a ball of disappointment. 

Onto the Roll Sushi Tray (41pcs) $30 filled with Yam,California, Dynamite, BC, Cucumber, Scallop Tamago, Tuna, and Salmon. 
First look, already sighing in a wave of emotional letdowns. Just look at that wasabi.
It literally takes up a good portion of the entire tray. You could have put another nigiri on there. It just looks gross seeing a mound of green slop. Rolls, same sigh of disappointment. I have almost never had bad sushi before, but this tops it. The rice was dry and hard almost. Salmon, chopped scallop, and tuna did not taste fresh at all. Just NO. Stop. Every piece of sushi on this tray was not up to par with a typical cheap japanese restaurant. I cannot believe I spent money on this. What is more shocking is that this restaurant has a 90% rating on Urbanspoon. Either I need to go eat in, or I need to reevaluate my taste buds.

Black Dragon Sushi 龍壽司 on Urbanspoon

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