[ Recipe ] Watermelon Feta Avocado Salad – Summertime Refresher


Loving the summer days but in Vancouver it seems to have come to an end a lot faster than I expected. Felt like just last week it was raining and now it’s raining again. The weather has been playing games with me, I do not like it. My inspiration today was from the gloomy weather. As odd as that sounds, this will be the summer dish to transition into the fall weather right!

All you will need is:

1 block of Feta Cheese
2 Big slices of watermelon
1 Large Avocado

As easy as it sounds, you can literally cut up everything and throw it in a nice bowl and done.
BUT here on Benton the Incr.Edible we like to do things a bit more creative. 

This Rubix Cube inspired plating allows each ingredient to be portrayed cohesively with its clean cut lines and 3 dimensional exterior. 

Very straight forward, cut the watermelon and feta into cubes. For the avocado it doesn't need to be perfectly square since the seed in the middle simply won't allow it. So cut the avocado with grid lines running left right up down and carefully scoop the blocks out.

Now that you have all the ingredients prepared, it is time to assemble!

For the photo's sake, the inside of the bottom layer is randomly placed. The top and sides of the rest are placed in a pattern of watermelon, avocado.
Watermelon, feta.
Watermelon, avocado.
Avocado, watermelon
Feta, watermelon.

I ended up with a 6 x 5 cube but you can assemble it in any shape you want! Perhaps an actual 3 x 3 Rubix cube with larger pieces? 10 x 10 party tray? The options are limitless.

Watermelon and feta go extremely well together and the avocado completes the dish. The 3 ingredients create a stunning taste in your mouth that you will be begging to have more of!

Need just a bit more colour? Add blueberries! Check out my blueberry post here http://bentontheincredible.blogspot.ca/2013/08/blueberry-picking-superfood-filled.html

That is all for this entry, enjoy!!

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