[ Soirette ] I love you to the moon(cake) and back


WARNING: This post may contain staggering amounts of highly appealing photographs. 
Every year on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calender, a very special day full of family gatherings and mooncakes occur. This year it happened on Thursday, September 19th, 2013.This date marks the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival - celebrating the full moon harvest festival with lanterns and food! 
I did have the typical lotus seed mooncakes with egg yolks this year but I came across this amazing mixture of European and Asian culture and just had to get it. Mini Macaron Mooncakes by Soirette. If you haven't seen my previous post, I celebrated Easter Day with Soirette goodies!
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Maybe I've been living under a rock but I have seriously never heard of a macaron mooncake. Comment down below if you haven't either OR if you have and where! 
Literally was so excited when I first saw it on Soirette's instagram - @soirettemacaron A stream of excitement filled my face that I had to email them right away because these needed to be pre-ordered. If you were there, you would've seen me at midnight sending an email to them with a big smile on my face. Obviously I would've never expected a business to reply to my email that late - earliest 8am possibly 7am but something magical happened.

They replied within 20 minutes.

I was utterly


*que the second wave of excitement*

best customer service I have ever experienced via email. 

Some of you probably have no idea how poorly managed some companies' their social media platforms are. Unresponsive. I'm involved in my post secondary institution as Director of Marketing and Communications for a business faculty mentorship program so perhaps that is why I am more keen on these small details. But regardless of the case, I am absolutely head over heels in love with how fast the Soirette team has responded. Headed over the next day and picked up these beauties! They offered 3 flavours so I got 2 of the following: 

Black sesame and red bean (in the speckled grey)
Chocolate and lotus seed (hello kitty!)
Pandan and red bean (in the pale green)

Seeing them in the photo I would've sworn they were the snowskin macarons because of the pale look to these but I was blown away at how they actually were inside. With a tiny macaron in the middle surrounded by the filling, the textures mixed from crunchy to smooth to produce an overall highly satisfying product. The black sesame flavouring was very prominent which made it to die for, I could have easily ate 5 of those - in one bite. The pairing with the red bean allowed a harmonious combination of flavours in my mouth. At $6 each, I seriously would have bought more if they were a bit cheaper. But seeing how it was limited edition and only once a year, this treat for my friends and I was worth it. 
The white hello kitty print has definitely attracted some customers to those who are a fan of the line of merchandise. Saw a group of girls literally jumping up and down awaiting their hello kitty mooncakes to be packed and ready to be attacked with their smartphone cameras. The combination of chocolate and lotus seed is really where Parisian and Chinese tastes combine. The rather intriguing fusion of the flavours made me add it to my order - not because I'm a hello kitty fan. Seriously, no. Taste wise, I'm not sure if I loved it but the texture of the chocolate macaron and lotus seed filling made me like it. With two powerful flavours, the chance of the two being able to compliment each other well enough is hard but I do love the effort put into fusing a more "western" taste into an asian pastry.

As for the Pandan and Red bean, thumbs up. Done. The sweet tropical flavours of the pandan combined with the rich red bean made a stunning match. The perfect shade of green helped too. I don't even know how else to describe such a perfect match. *thumbs up with a BIG smile on my face*
I have to give a big round of applause to Soirette for making my day with impressive customer service and sensational desserts! The strong black sesame is to die for, the unique combination of chocolate and lotus seed, and the perfectly paired pandan and red bean is seriously making me question why I bought so little. They just keep making me come back for their creative takes on the ordinary macaron. I can't wait for the next holiday ! 
"I love Soirette to the moon(cake) and back"

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  1. these look so cute!
    do you know if they still have these moon cakes?