[ Lhy Thai ] One of Those Hole in the Walls


First thing I must say is that I apologize for another mobile review. I never bring my camera along because these kinds of dinners usually form like this.

Friend 1: Wanna go eat?
Me: But I'm (insert activity) and I'm not home
Friend 2: So does that mean you want to eat?
Me: Ummm *stomach growls*
Friend 3: I'm picking all you guys up now.
Me: *stomach growls* Sigh kfine.
Me in my head: I gave in again. Whyyyyyyyyy

South Burnaby - Lhy Thai. Supposedly the best thai place in the area. 

Oh boy. Expectations up. Stomach growl volume up. 
It was definitely one of those hole in the walls when we got there. Those places where you would think "ok its an old place, must mean the food is traditional and amazing!"
Think again.
The service was very friendly although the no one there spoke english very well - 
nor understood it. 
Me and a friend shared the following:

Stuffed Chicken Wings- $7.95

At $8 you would think the portion would be just a TINY TINY bit larger. 4 little tiny itty bitty wings, half of which were composed of bones. It was stuffed with a mixture of chicken, pork, fish sauce and vegetables. The sweet and sour sauce it came with is exactly the same thing as you get when you eat spring rolls. As for the taste it wasn't so much as
but more of a
"I'll eat it. I don't love it, but I'll eat it."

I'm a chicken wing lover but sadly this dish was rather disappointing, not to mention expensive. 

Next up was the Green Curry with Chicken - $10.95
A rather calm dish with peppers, basil, and bamboo shoots. Again not amazing, my thoughts were I could get this at a food court. As bad as that sounds it was really what I thought at the time. I got the feeling that it was like a soup, not so much a curry. I did  like the creamy sweet taste of it and it goes very well with the rice we ordered. 

Question! Is rice suppose to come with curry? Am I being too chinese? Please answer down below! I am very curious.

Dish number 2: Pad Thai -$10.95
Who goes to a thai restaurant and not order pad thai? I love pad thai. Thai express at Pacific Center - da food court bomb. 
This pad thai was small. For $8 at thai express you could get 1 1/2 more than this. I was so sad seeing this plate and the fact that I had to share it.
Flavours weren't strong. Where da peanuts? Where da tofu? Where da egg? Why do I not taste anything. I like bland things. Why is life so hard?
I really wanted to like this place. Had the ghetto thai atmosphere and friendly family owned service. With the food not up to standards, small portions, boring flavours - Lhy Thai is a thumbs down for me.
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  1. That last dish you got looks to be Pad Si Ew.

  2. I believe Pad Si Ew contains the thicker rice noodles, this one should be pad thai :)