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All food $4.95. All food $4.95. All food $4.95. 
Not sure if I died and went to heaven or hit a wall and went to heaven. Nevertheless, I went to heaven - food heaven. A great place for pub food and to have socials. As part of our marketing meeting we came over here to grab a quick bite to eat and talk over what we have for the upcoming year. 
This the words four ninety five in my head, I practically wanted to order everything on the menu. Waitress came over with very friendly service and I ended up ordering the Mac and Cheese, Apple Quinoa Salad, and Fish Tacos. Everyone else ordered just one dish and shared wings - I felt out of place. But as long as I'm happy with my food, I'll be okay!

Loving the overall atmosphere, the rustic feel with the wood accents made the place feel welcoming in the sense that I can be there and just relax. No uptight sophistication need - a place where I can let go and eat all I want.

Food came fairly quickly and I was ready to feast.

The Fish Tacos had a light, flavorful dressing topped with corn and pineapples. The tortilla tasted stale and dry so for the last two servings I just ate the toppings. The fish itself tasted quite dry too, even McDonald's fish filets are more moist. 

The quinoa salad had a rather unpleasing dressing but the apple slices made me able to finish it. I had high hopes for quinoa but I guess high hopes leads to high disappointment.

Mac and cheese are by far the best dish I ordered. With a hint of spiciness mixed with the cheese, it's creamy texture melted in my mouth. Could not stop eating it once I started and that was when I realized I started to neglect my other two dishes. Alternating back and forth between taco, salad, and mac.

Also had a couple wings which were actually really small. Possibly the smallest chicken wings I've ever seen. Flavours are on point though!

I have to say that for the price you pay, food is good. Disregard the price and I would find myself paying a bit more for better flavors. A nice place to be loud and proud, maybe the perfect place to rant about life? Grab a beer and yell to your hearts content!
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