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After a long meeting with my fundraising members, we decided to go grab a quick bite before we ran our errands. Since we were in the South Burnaby Metrotown area, we chose the nearby greek restaurant across the street from the Waves Coffee we were at. As we approached closer, seeing the tinted windows and closed patio umbrellas made me think they were closed. We entered to find not a single customer in there and this time it was a normal lunch hour as opposed to all our other adventures where we go at the odd ball times in the day.
A friendly waitress came and told us we could pick any seat so we chose the most secluded area where we could talk with a bit of privacy. For this day, shared the Combo Platter for 2 with a friend. Took our orders and very quickly got the first portion - the Greek Salad.  Olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, top it with some feta cheese and olives; tasted like any other Greek salad. Personally not a big fan of this type of salad in general so I don't have much to say. Vegetables were fresh and overall it wasn't bad, it's not amazing though, just in the middle. 

 Next came the Pita Bread, soft and fluffy, one of the better breads I've ate in Vancouver. Best appetizer breads were on my trip to Florida, lightly oiled and beyond fluffy - amazing. Dipping it in the yogurt based tzatziki sauce, it had quite a nice balance as you have your warm airy pita bread with a tangy cold dipping sauce. 
With the rice pilaf, steamed vegetables, and roasted potatoes it was very bland. As an individual from a Chinese background, eating vegetables this hard is unusual but nontheless I do like how they incorporated it into the meal to have more diversity. Friend who loves greek food said the rice was prepared very well and I'll just take her word for it seeing that I'm not a big fan. I think generally greek food isn't my cup of tea but that doesn't mean I don't like greek food, just would not frequently have the urge to eat it.

Last dish had all the meats - Prawns, Keftedes, Dolmathes, Calamari, and Chicken Sovlakia. Keftedes, the Greek version of a meatball was lacking in the juices within the ball but I do believe its intentional that its more dry. I dipped it in the tzatziki to make it less dry and it worked out pretty good. The Dolmathes are the rice and beef wrapped in grape leaves on the left side of the plate. For me, the overall taste of it wasn't too great but it was acceptable. The prawns were decent sized and had enough flavour which I did like a lot more. Chicken was dry so I also dipped it in the tzatziki. Calamari was the best part of the entire dish, perfectly deep fried and the calamari itself was very bouncy and easy to eat. Not like many where it is chewy and tastes like rubber.
 Just loving this sauce, dipping everything in it! Tried friend's lamb dish and I have to say if I ever go to a greek restaurant ever again, lamb is the way to go! Practically melting off the bones, perfectly tender, and full of juices. My experience at this quaint little restaurant was quite good, there were some turn offs but overall I was satisfied. The entire dish was $43.95 split between 2 people and seeing how full I was, it was definitely worth it! Good prices, quite atmosphere, friendly service, and decent food makes me wanting to come back if I ever get another greek craving!
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