[ Recipe ] Matcha Green Tea Latte


As an avid caffeine obsessed individual, my cupboards are filled with various coffees and teas. For me, matcha or also known as maccha stands out in my eyes when I want that extra kick to start my day. The aroma of pure matcha powder could possibly be one of the best smelling scents my nose has ever laid its... nostrils upon. Now I am pretty sure as a reader you have tried the likes of matcha ice cream or matcha infused mochis and if you haven't please go to an asian supermarket and get yourself some. Those foods just give a minuscule taste of what matcha really has to offer to your taste buds. 

Imagine a fresh dewy morning, sun rising with dew drops glistening. The scent of fresh grass and full bloom flowers. Enjoying the pure stone ground matcha powder - that hint of natural sweetness with an aroma that tingles every sensation in your body to recharge and refresh. You will be leaving the house feeling motivated to start your day with the brightest smile on your face.

When trying to decide between a simple green tea or a luxurious matcha powder, you know what to pick. Matcha powder is actually better than green tea due to the fact that you are ingesting the entire leaf and not what the hot water has extracted from the leaf. It has detoxifying properties from its high chlorophyll content; being grown in the shade unlike many other teas. Matcha makes a great alternative to coffee as it also has caffeine. Although the caffeine content isn't as high as coffee, it is just enough to promote concentration and not give you that wave of high energy and sleepiness later on. It is also known to promote a higher metabolism and fat burn percentage. Lastly, with almost no calories matcha makes a sweet tooth urge subside with ease. 

The list of benefits goes on so feel free to research more on matcha powders and teas in general. They can change your lifestyle and overall health.

After quite the long intro, you were here for one reason and I will fulfill that request. A Matcha Latte recipe. Starting with the ingredients, it is crazy how short this list is.

I will be using the following but feel free to substitute if needed. For one serving I have:

  • 1 Cup of 2% Milk
  • 1.5 tsp of Matcha Powder
  • 2 tbsp of hot water
  • Sugar or sweetener of choice
  • 1 Milk frother or Matcha Whisk
I got the Maccha Hagoroma Green Tea Powder from T&T, an asian supermarket in my area. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to buy the luxurious organic matcha powders that are offered in gourmet supermarkets like UrbanFare that are about $30+. You guys have no idea how money flies in and out of my pocket. Also, I got a milk frother for $10 from Home Outfitters instead of the authentic matcha whisks that are $24+ but I assure you the result will be just as good!

1) Bring your cup of milk in a small pot on medium heat to a simmer
2) Have the hot water mixed with the matcha in a small bowl using the milk frother
3) Pour the matcha mixture and sugar into the pot and once again use your matcha whisk to combine the ingredients
4) After 1 minute, it is ready to be placed into a cup or mug

Now this step is optional if you have the milk frother - topping your matcha latte with foam

1) Bring 1/2 cup of milk to a simmer
2) Tilt your pot and place the milk frother into the milk
3) Allowing the milk to be combined with air, you will start to see the foam forming (1-2 minutes)
4) Top your matcha latte with your giant cloud 


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  1. This green tea recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I am going to try it out as soon as I can get to the supermarket. I love the effects of green tea, but I don't like drinking it straight. I am always looking for new ways to drink or eat the leaves. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks for sharing Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe. I am sure I will love this as I enjoy having green tea. This tea seems healthy and if I am true it will help in boosting metabolism rate and fat burn percentage. Have you ever tried making Green drink? I always try making drinks with new ways and will try this one too.