[ Japadog ] Not Your Typical Wiener + Bun + kKtchup


I've had Japadog on various occasions however I never got the chance to blog about it. This time was a good time because when I went, luck was on my side. 

Japadog has been around since 2005, being one of the first food carts on the streets of downtown Vancouver.With the frenzy of food carts in the past 2 years, Japadog can be considered the starter of the food cart industry. There is now literally a food cart in every corner of every street offering their own unique line of products. Not overshadowed by its innovative competitors,I believe Japadog still has what it takes to make a mark in consumer's stomachs.

It started with a sudden craving from a friend that has never tried Japadog before, weird right? But anyways, brought her over to the Burrard & Smithe location seeing as it was the closest to our shopping havens - Robson Street and Pacific Center. While we were heading towards the location, I could already imagine smelling the aroma of japanese mayo and fresh sausages on the grill. I just could not wait seeing how I haven't eat a japadog in almost a year. 

Now this is where luck hits me like a thunderbolt. Seeing a giant crowd of people on the right side (The pick-up side) made me very happy as I was the only one that knew the Order side was on the left. With 10 or so people "in line" on the right side, we went to the left - being the first to order and having the giant line trail behind us finally realizing their mistakes. Felt good to practically save 20 minutes if I had to wait at the end of the line.

For $7.25 I got their number one most popular item, the Kurobuta Terimayo which has kurobuta pork, caramelized onions, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, and seaweed. Within minutes I got my freshly made order just waiting for me to dig in! First bite into the steaming hot dog made me so satisfied. The fluffy bun soaked with the juices from the teriyaki sauce made a beautiful balance with the kurobuta pork weiner. Taste was amazing as it wasn't too savoury nor bland. Seeing the line of people watching me and my friend dig in made it even more enjoyable. Rarely ever get Japadog simply because of the price but once in a while getting a luxury hot dog is worthwhiled. 
I will have to say that it can get a bit messy to eat but that just adds to the experience of it all. I've also tried their Edmame Terimayo which has edamame beans in their sausage. Another daring option if you are the typical wiener + bun + ketchup kind of person. 
I must say I love how all their employees are Japanese, not being racist but having gone to a bunch of japanese restaurants and seeing korean owners just lowers the overall dining experience just a tad bit. Anyone agree with me on that?

Japadog is another YES for me to add in my books and hopefully when your reading this it will make you salivate and crave that juicy wiener. Enough said, until next time!

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[Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S3]

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