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One of those days where I felt like I did not want to watch what I ate. A cheat day left me craving for hot pot. Oddly enough it was one of the hotter days in Vancouver. Sometimes my cravings for food go from both sides of the temperature extremes into one meal - Ice cream and hot pot, which was exactly the case here. Decided to head to Boiling Point in South Burnaby to satisfy my urge to dig into some boiling hot food. 

With the design of the restaurant being extremely narrow we could never get the attention of the waitresses, especially when each table has a divider. I quite like the privacy given and stupidly enough none of us realized that they offered the service button. A button on the underside of the table where you can press and the waiters will come to you instead of waving your hands around like we did. 

I got the lamb hot pot which also had Nappa, Vermicelli, Enoki Mushroom, Imitation Crabstick, Kamaboko, Pork Blood, Fried Tofu Skin, Maitake Mushroom, Clam, Sour Mustard, and Firm Tofu. Without a doubt loving the variety you get in each personalized hot pot meal. You get a little bit of everything which some people may not like but for me is quite enjoyable. I chose mild spicy and for me it was a bit too spicy considering they offered 6 levels of spiciness. Generally I do like spicy food - I can't handle it but I like it. Sometimes me and food have a love hate relationship. Painful pleasure - spicy style.
Because a personalized hot pot isn't enough, had to also share a red bean shaved ice. Now I know for a fact that this picture could possibly be the ugliest photo of shaved ice EVER however it didn't help that they didn't try either. These are one of those times where you cannot judge a "book" by its "cover." Lame, I know. Sorry.

The Red Bean Shaved Ice had green tea shaved ice, red bean, pudding, peanuts, and topped with a red bean paste. The peanuts were something I did not expect, the taste was sweet and in between mushy and firm. Really a texture I can't explain but it was definitely good. Something you would find in a chinese dessert soup. The peanuts complimented the red beans well and overall portion-wise they were very generous. Shared it with two other people and it was just enough to make us unleash our stomachs full of hot pot. Now usually I do not like shaved ice because I always think to myself "why would I pay money for ice flakes?" but Boiling Point has changed my mentality over that. I have to say this is one of the best shaved ice I've ever had. Like ever. That may sound extreme looking at the rather unattractive photo but I must say I will come back and I will order their shaved ice again. For sure!

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