[ Adventure ] Blueberry Picking - A Superfood Filled Adventure!


Part of my summer bucket list was to go blueberry picking and it was finally checked off! Drove all the way to Delta to pick the supposedly “sweeter” blueberries. When we got out of the car, the blazing wave of heat hit us and I could already feel the perspiration forming. With our various sizes of buckets we went onward to the fields. The owner told us to go to the further ends because all the big blueberries were there. Skipping, running, and hopping down the field I was already feeling how good the day was going to be.

On a side note, blueberries are considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world! Perhaps it is due to the high antioxidant capacity. This will allow your body to fight off any free-radicals that can damage your cells. Did you also know that blueberries help with your memory? The nutritional benefits help keep the central nervous system at its top shape. Blueberries aid in reducing belly fat due to its digestive properties and nutrient complex; who doesn’t want a flat toned stomach?

We were told that there was a minimum of 5 pounds to be picked and I knew I was determined to get enough. At first we would shout out every time we found a “tumor” because we were only picking the gigantic ones. Literally a “tumor” every 3 bushes. However I felt so relaxed regardless of how many blueberries filled my bucket.The mere fact that we were together as a group on a blueberry field felt so soothing to me. Perhaps I was a farmer in my past life…..

Laughter filled the hot air as we were catching up on past memories to discussing future endeavors. Also had the occasional blueberry thrown around but let’s keep that a secret.

Time went by quickly and we all realized that we were getting nowhere. Looking into our white buckets with only specks of purple to be seen. For myself, I decided this smoothing activity was not so soothing anymore, the heat was starting to get to me. My sweat overtook my face. My lower back was hurting from constantly bending. I wanted to leave. I was going crazy... like her.

But no, I couldn’t. I wanted my blueberries. I knew I would only be happy when I brought home my stash of berries and stuffed my face in them. Because that’s just how I think - logically, of course. I changed my picking tactics, when I saw a group of midsized blueberries I would just run my fingers through it to get them all off their branch. And quicker than I thought, my bucket was being filled up to the top by handfuls at a time.

Not a single cloud in the sky, the sun was at its hottest point and we had been picking blueberries for 3 hours. With our satisfied faces, we walked down that path back to the starting point with a giant smile. Although covering in dirt, sweat, and just a little bit of tears we knew we had a good time.

Weighed in a 6.7 pounds! MY BABIES ARE COMING HOME WITH ME.

When I got home I realized that my neck was now the darkest part of my body like a roasted marshmallow considering how pale I am compared to everyone else. Blueberries in one hand, After bite ointment in the other – I knew today was worth it. I would show a photo of my mosquito bite but the last thing I want to do is make my reader lose their appetite…. On a food blog.

Luckily got that golden sun kissed glow I wanted, a little burnt in some areas but that’s ok!

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