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The newest craze on Burnaby mountain is the opening of Yeti Yogurt! Over the past few years, the craze of frozen yogurt has dominated the city with the likes of Qoola, Pinkberry, Menchie's, Scoop, and however many others. Being the only dessert shop on the mountain, the thousands of SFU students ares going to be lining up for their frosty confections. From a business perspective, this store will be very profitable. Location-wise their competitors are no where near and obviously their customer base are young adults and teens. Sandwiched between a massive university and a elementary school makes this location perfect for a self serve frozen yogurt store.

Saw on Groupon that there was a $10 for $20 and I just had to snatch that deal seeing that I was going to come here regardless. Walking in, the atmosphere and colour scheme reminded me a little of my DisneyWorld trip last year at one of their water parks with a north-pole sort of theme. The vibrant colours gives off a carefree and joyful mood - a must have for a store next to a educational institution of constant stress. 

 16 beautiful flavours presented right in front of us, we got little ketchup cups to try out the flavours. To be perfectly honest, I tried about 6 of the flavours and was already satisfied - should've just left already. 

Mentally chose my flavour and it was time to CREATE my masterpiece - limited time with endless toppings. (help me)

I chose the Baby Yeti with Yoga Yeti mix which is the middle handle that for some reason most people don't know. Then again, most people don't bother to read... 2 words "mix it". BUT, before I swirl my masterpiece, I had to fill the bottom of my cup so the photo looks better :$ With over 60 savoury and sweet toppings, I was OVERWHELMED! Put almost everything to fill it up only half way - swirl pearls, mochi, chocolate, kiwis, mangoes, pineapples, M&Ms... it never ends!

I mean LOOK AT THIS! there's just so many. The odd thing I realized was that they did not have any strawberry pieces but I was find with that because I just drowned my cup with mango and pineapple pieces :D

After filling up the bottom, I swirled my White Chocolate Green Tea mix and had the perfect little tail at the top of the giant mountain of froyo goodness. 

There was only so much time left to fill the sides with toppings, pay for it, take my camera out, take multiple photos, AND THEN EAT IT. There were so many many other syrups and cereals on the other counter but I ran out of space in my cup - pathetic me. Waited for the line to clear and paid for mine and 2 other friends, MY TREAT! A total of $20.63 for THREE frozen yogurts and on our way we go to our table. Very minute detail they paid attention to was having stacks of tissues for every table, always handy in case of any messes.
 And here is my creation, such a bad photo and my froyo's little tail already melted. So disappointed. I am coming back to re-take my photo! 

P.S probiotics in yogurt help strengthen the immune system, fight and lower cholesterol, combat various skin problems, protect against osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, and may even act as an anti-carcinogenic agent
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