Sorry, watched Despicable Me 2 a couple days back and the minions are just adorable. Not very many things are adorable in my eyes but these minions bring that side out of me. (insert the teary eyed emoji) 

With watermelons being the BEST WAY to quench thirst, it is a MUST for those hot summer days. If you love the beach like I do, eating watermelons can reduce sun related skin-damage risks by 40%! Now that doesn't mean you can lie in the sun all day and eat watermelons thinking you won't burn or fry. Do remember to have sunscreen on even if you want to tan!

 Haven't been eating too much fruit lately so I just had to add an orange to my fruit platter! Now we all know the benefits of oranges, vitamins, antioxidant, promotes immunity, lowers cholesterol, and protects skin. I wish I could have the whole fruit section in the supermarket on my plate, I just love fruit! Fruit, fruit, fruit!

 I would've made a watermelon juice instead but I really wanted to have every bit of juice to flow out of its fibers as I bit into it. That could've been worded a lot better but, you get my point.
Decided to cut more and diced them - chilled and ready to go for later!
Just remember that any kind of fruit added to your diet will allow you to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle! Cut out those juices from concentrate, sodas, and fruit candies. Real fruit tastes better.

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