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Located in the Kitsilano district, Thomas Haas is one of the most famous places for macarons in the Greater Vancouver Area. Had my first Thomas Haas macaron back 2 years ago on my birthday and since then I've visited multiple macaron bakeries like Soirette and Faubourg which you can see here:

For the Kitsilano location, it is a smaller space as opposed to their first location in North Vancouver. The decor and intricate interior gives off a warm and welcoming atmosphere with rich natural hues to compliment their wide selection of pastries and chocolates. With no preservatives or artificial ingredients, Thomas Haas is well known to perfect each handmade confection with skilled pastry chefs.

To the finest detail of the doors, its a chocolate molecule! I really love seeing the thought and detail put into this delicate patisserie. 

Coming here, I still thought that Thomas Haas had the best macarons however today was not my sweet tooth day and they did not offer the mango marcaron I loved so much. BUT, besides their macarons, they are also famous for their double baked almond croissants with the chocolate or original variations available. 
I got the chocolate version and for $4.70 the amount of almonds alone justified the price. Hefty size, rich but airy texture, layers of intricate flakes, creamy and buttery - not to mention chocolatey
If I could buy heaven in a pastry - this would be it.
If I add a penny for every time I said MMMMMMMM after every bite - millionaire
If I counted the almonds on this - headache

I must say that compared to the meals I see other guys eat, I eat a lot more - just balanced proportions compared to their 1am pizza urges and inhaling food at all you can eat restaurants.

Balanced, frequent meals are the way to go!

Besides that, I got a individual slice of the Champagne Truffle. Layers of champagne ganache between 3 layers of moist chocolate, almond, and hazelnut cake.
You can tell the amount of time put into this one slice of cake by the countless layers of rich ingredients. The itty bitty gold flake in the corner makes it the more special, not to mention the edible ink. The first bite and it got me - The WOW Factor, a million flavours hit me like a bus. I could distinctly taste each component of the dessert. It was a wonderful moment.
To balance all the succulent flavours, I also got a classic london fog. Cleansed my palette while the aroma of earl grey enticed my sense. Most favourite scent of tea EVER!
Loving this picture. Rich mahogany wood, delicate pastries, made to perfection drinks - what more could you ask for?

It is sad to say that, I did not finish the cake. 
It was so good but it was so rich and I just couldn't handle it. My drink was so good and I just finished it and... oh boy. D:

Till next time!
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