[ Recipe ] Peach Mango Greek Yogurt Breakfast Platter


Majority of my mornings are rushed to make my coffee, grab a quick snack and off I go to either meetings, socials, or general errands. I barely have time in the morning but when I do, I make something like this:

Peach-mango greek yogurt on oat clusters and fuji apples, garnished with matcha powder and raw pistachios. 

Wow that was a mouthful to say - and eat.
This platter will last you until lunch for sure, packed full of nutrients and variety to make your diet more versatile.
An apple a day makes the doctor go away.

Been loving the new Oikos Greek Yogurt, the amount of fruits in it make me so excited to open and mix away! Although a bit higher on the price point than other greek yogurts, love its packaging and overall taste! Some greek yogurts have than almost sand-like cement texture that is very unappealing, probably the initial reason why I stayed away from greek yogurt from so long. Was an Activia fan for the longest time but the tiny servings started to bother me.

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