[ Recipe ] Lychees for the Summer Season


 For the majority of you guys, it's crazy hot where you're living. For Vancouver, its getting there, you get your 3 hot days to 1 cloudy day ratio throughout the week. Fortunately, its been about 22-26 degrees Celsius which is pretty good for Vancouver. Unfortunately, its been 22-26 degrees Celsius lately. Hot weather leads to sweat perspiring from places you do not want to be perspiring from. 
Two steps out of my house - sweating. 
In my car with max AC - sweating
Sitting while typing this - sweating.
Worse is sleeping and sweating.

Oh the pains.

Slowly off to tangent but I am back on track.

LYCHEES are in season right now and they are amazing. My grandfather told me how they originated and it hows a little something like this. 

The Emperor of one of dynasties would send out armies of guards on their horses to fetch the lychees fresh off the tree in an effort to win over his favourite concubine. Ever since, the lychee or 荔枝 has been known to be of royal prestige and a delicacy. Also, the symbol of romance and love.

 Just a short story but who would've known a fruit could win over someone, then again they didn't have a Tiffany's in ancient China (Hahah)

Look at it's fresh plentiful flesh, the sweet juices dripping out of its shell. Have them chilled in the fridge and then consumed, you will not even realize the blazing heat. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Lychees are a great source of Vitamin C which synthesizes collagen and acts as an antioxidant. Also, it is known that lychees aid in the reduction of swollen glands. Much needed in your diet and to tackle those crazy summer days, lychees are one of the best summer fruits! 

P.S lychees in white wine - heaven.

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