[ Recipe ] Strawberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie


Woke up this morning feeling the need to use my blender. Was getting sick of drinking my protein shake so I decided to amp it up and had some fruit. Helping out my recommended daily fruit/vegetable intake of 8 servings, I decided to make a Strawberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie.

Strawberries have a range of benefits great for your diet and health.

A full serving of strawberries contains 136% the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant which is known to promote immunity to bacteria. As well, vitamin C strengthens the eye’s cornea and retina – have that laser vision you’ve always wanted. Want younger looking skin? Eat strawberries because it promotes collagen growth. Want to prevent arthritis? Strawberries help reduce inflammation in joints. Want to boost fibre intake? Pretty sure you do not want constipation or inflammation of the intestines.

Currently taking a nutrition course and I’m learning so many things that can help with my diet and exercise. Motivating myself to be a better person – physically, psychologically, and mentally.

Now onto the recipe:
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein
1 cup of frozen/fresh strawberries
1 tbsp of dark chocolate chips
1 cup of water
½ of ice (more needed when using fresh strawberries)
Optional: chocolate syrup

Now dump everything into that blender of yours and blend until smooth, or a consistency you like. Some people prefer more slush-like (add more ice) or smoothie like (possibly add milk instead of water)

Dark chocolate, strawberries, protein powder – combine them altogether to make a drink that triggers you to get that summer beach body you always wanted!

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