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Yet another occasion where I am "studying." I needed a place where I had wifi, silence, and the added benefits of food.
Tealips was the place to be. The place where my cravings could be easily satisfied. Who cares about my education, my studies, MY FUTURE.
On a weekday, the place is fairly empty, maybe one or two other people studying - making it the perfect spot to go and study with friends. Located in the High-gate neighborhood of South Burnaby, this quaint little bubble tea/coffee shop is still not too known by the general public but they are getting quite popular by the months. Thank the lord its not getting extremely popular as a good study place because that just defeats the purpose of a study area. I need the peace and if it means going all the way over here to get food, wifi, and silence - I will do it! I have been here in the evenings and it does get packed; their small tables and limited seating doesn't help the evening rush.
Too bad the weather wasn't warm enough to get a shaved ice so I decided on a waffle!

Matcha Liege Waffle
They may have put a bit too much matcha powder because the grainy dusty taste of it was throughout the duration of my meal. Kept wanting to drink water or something. Nice look to the waffle, just not a great taste associated with it. Always loving red bean so that was enjoyable. As for the actual waffle, it was not up to par for what I look for in a waffle. It did not have the crunchy outside with a soft fluffy inside.
Next time I come back, I'll stick to the shaved ice, seems the most worth it on the menu. Still love the place, just not their matcha waffles, or majority of their overpriced items 

BUT wifi, quiet, and a calm atmosphere wins me over!

I guess its just time for me to fly to Belgium and get an authentic one!
Anybody want to surprise me with a round trip to Europe? I'll write a food blog review :) eh? anybody??

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