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After a "LONG STUDY" session (feel the lies coming out of the capitalization and air quotes), we decided to go for a little lunch break. We were literally a quarter block away from Romer's since we were studying at a friend's new apartment in the neighbourhood.

 In the midst of midterm season, we were hopeless wreaks, did not understand a single concept. Why must life be so hard? WHY?


Situated in the newly made River District, Romer's Burgers is one of the first (the only) restaurants to open up here by the water.
With the nice weather we picked a table outside to enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. Hello, raincouver right? Decisions, decisions... decided to pick drinks first and oddly enough we all picked the same drink.

Mango Mint Iced Tea - $5 Truth be told, I didn't taste the mango. It tasted like the concentrated pulp remains of an orange juice bottle with the texture of a blended mango, seed included. The pulp tasted grainy in a sense. A drink I finished nonetheless but it could use some major improvements.

We kept looking at the menu and obviously I wanted a burger, they are famous for it right? 

12 Burger choices, ranging from $9-20 which one should I pick?

I could possibly be the most indecisive person alive. I'm horrible, I want everything that's why I can't decide. 

It was down to either the Man's Man for $12 or the Ultimate Kobe for $20. My cheap Asian side overpowered me to go with the lower priced option. 


The Man's Man Burger - $12
Heritage range fed Angus Beef with thick applewood bacon, amber ale cheddar, smoked alder salts, vine ripened tomato, whole grain mustard, and topped with onion strings.
Well that was a mouthful (eating it and saying it).

It looks so perfect, but I realized they don't serve their burgers with fries. Threw me off just a bit but I didn't really mind.
After a photo or two, or 10, it was time to dig in!
First bite, I feel bad for this but to me, it was just a burger
Nothing really stood out, no WOW factor. 
Flavours were muted and the bun was like the crust of cheap bread (probably doesn't make sense but that's how I'm going to describe it)
The photos are so nice but the reality of it is that it really was JUST a burger. No it was not like a Mcdonald's or A&W but it doesn't scream TWELVE DOLLARS + TAX + TIPS.

Disappointed. Really Disappointed. I wanted this place to be the new hang out for us - nice view, good location, but not so great food.

Friend ordered the Magic Mushroom - $11.50
Angus beef, local portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, herb garlic boursin, and wild baby arugula.
Another visually attractive photo with a disappointing taste. I took a bite of it and it did taste better than the Man's Man which made me regret my decision so much more.
Again, it was good just no WOW factor, not worth it.

We also shared a salad in case we might not be full and of course, we weren't full.
Light Ginger Poached Chicken - $14
Asian greens, cool pickled ginger, bamboo shoots, crunchy wontons, cucumbers, apples, miso vinaigrette, sriracha blast!
Oh good lord, I love salads and obviously my standards for a salad is beyond low. I can eat a salad without dressing and literally just spinach, avocado, and cranberries.
I have never in my life been this utterly discouraged to finish a salad before.
Not to sound like a little prince or anything but, this was SO BAD.

I LIKE bland things, but this was bland multiply it by 10 folds, adding 20 folds of disappointment, misfortune, and frustration.
Do the math, I was unhappy.
It really didn't help that service was bad.

As for the Lettuce Wraps - $11 
Spicy pork with tamarind chili, the taste of it was good but the lettuce wraps were beyond small. One piece of lettuce cut into sixths - tiny tiny.
Not as much disappointment but still disappointed.

The takeaway from this lunch - "So much for gourmet burgers"
Portion, taste, texture, and service - not what I was looking for. Maybe it's my fault? Too stressed from school? Mind is messing with my taste buds? 

The only thing Romer's did right was having a location in the underdeveloped district, taking the first mover's advantage over their competitors. In the span of 10 years, the River district is going to vastly expand. Schools, shopping centers, countless apartments and condos - CAN'T WAIT!

Again, I really wanted to like this place. Really did. 

I would come back..... but I highly prefer not to. Someone bring me to a McDonalds.

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