[ Recipe ] Chicken Breast and Noodles with an Avocado Cream Sauce


A quick lunch today before I run out to finish some errands and live on my hectic life. Balancing practically a full time job along with school and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming at times. There are times you should know that you need to step back a bit and take a breather. Make something special for yourself. Something you know you deserve.

I deserved this. 

This quick lunch consists of
Chicken Breast x1
Asparagus x5
Noodles x2
Ripe avocado x1
Milk x3 tbs
Olive oil x1 tsp
Pinch of salt and pepper to season chicken.

Started by getting my water to boil and hammered by frustration to my chicken. Flattened my chicken breast so it would cook evenly, the last thing you want is overcooked sides with an undercooked center. 

SMACK it ,
and again,
until its even all around.

Put my 2 dried noodle bunches in to cook in boiling water for 3 minutes.
Had my pan on medium-high with olive oil in - placed my seasoned chicken and asparagus

While those were cooking, I cut my avocado and dump it in a small bowl along with my 3 tablespoons of milk already heated. Mash mash mash until a smooth creamy consistency starts to emerge. Remember to flip your chicken!
Drain your noodles and run it through cold water to stop the cooking process

Mix in sauce with noodles and plate.
Chicken and asparagus should be done, you can tell when the asparagus is done when small parts of it start to brown and the chicken is bouncy to the poke!

Plate the remainders and VOILA! Easy lunch!

Approx 15 minutes to complete a simple and satisfying meal.

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