[ Umi Sushi Express / Anton's Pasta Bar ] Can I Eat More?


I make my life so difficult I swear.
To celebrate a birthday, we went to watch Iron Man 3! 
Loving the whole avengers series with Iron man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Biggest fan for Iron Man though - the movie itself is just action packed humor! It's definitely a MUST SEE.

Prior to entering the theater, I was stupidly starving enough to get THREE sushi packs.
Friend ALSO got 3 - totaling 6 packs and with their very appealing deal of "Buy one get one 1/2 off" our sushi was VERY CHEAP.

Got the following from Umi Sushi Express:
16 pieces of california rolls
8 pieces of spicy chopped scallop
6 large pieces of double dragon rolls

No idea why but I just KEPT ON EATING in there. The more action the movie was, the more I ate. Stomach quickly filled with chinese made japanese sushi. Thumbs up to Umi Sushi Express for filling me up for so cheap but regrets followed.

(Sorry stomach)

As for Anton's this was my 3rd time going and the first 2 times I could only eat half of it, packed up the rest for the next day. And believe me, that is the way you should eat it because the flavors soak in and when you heat it up the next day to eat - flavors just WOW YOU. Tastes 10 times better!

Anyways, so I got a shared salad with a friend because, we're just salad loving people. The Spinachi - $8.25
Consisted of spinach, bacon, and mushrooms tossed in a light garlic vinegarette dressing. I didn't mind that it was on the simple side but the price associated with the salad wasn't too appealing to me. 

Still ate it with a smile!

Food came. Slightly terrified but that's okay.

Got the Conchiglie Frutti di Mare - $16.95 Mixed seafood and mushrooms in a cream sauce. Little did I know, we would bet to see who can finish it first.

One of the SKINNIEST girls I know ordered a lasagna and was so determined to finish it that it motivated me to finish mine. This bet was important to us now.

My dish was pretty tasty, I had it the first time here and I just had to order it again this time around. The cream sauce was rich with a decent portion of seafood mixed in. 
The dish is so big that I can't complain even if I wanted to.

Dedication, determination, commitment - we set out mind on something and accomplished it.
Me, already full, finished a plate.
Female friend that doesn't even like pasta finished a plate
Another female friend that barely eats finished a plate.

What just happened.
Not sure.

Ending this post with this. Still a birthday dinner after all. Our presents made her cry. Cry like a new born baby. GOOD JOB! *APPLAUSE* 
So how on earth did I fit that much food in me? I actually have no idea, but I wasn't feeling too good afterwards. I started shaking right after I finished the dish.
Pretty sure I'll be too old later on to even attempt finishing a plate that big. 
Set a milestone. Believe. Create memories.  
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