[ Faubourg ] A Little Treasure Box


Unlike our usual meetings, I received a surprise treat from a friend. A little treasure box of delicate macarons from the famous Faubourg Café in Kerrisdale. I was overjoyed with this simple act of kindness that made my day. 

The packaging itself blew me away. Although made simply out of paper, the overall look of the packaging made the box feel luxurious just to hold. The window gives a sneak preview of what’s to come. The colour palette of the box design gave an authentic Parisian feel. Colour, font, shape and design – perfect. I recently audited a class on Interactive Arts and Technology about graphic design and the topic of the day was font. The importance of font will make or break a product. I might wish to pursue a minor in IAT but that is still in the midst of my decisions. 
Finally on to actually trying the macarons. The 9 aligned together like a work of art – individually representing its flavor while collectively showcasing a beautiful colour palette. From left to right, I bit into the crisp outer layer and emerged myself into a feather-like cloud – nine times. 

Dark Chocolate: Rich aroma of chocolate and a hint of licorice
Salted Butter Caramel: The salt balances the usual overly-sweet caramel taste – added a very surprising after taste
Lavender Earl Grey: Any tea macarons are usually to die for, especially if you are someone that loves earl grey. The aroma of lavender tingled my senses ;)
Strawberry Black Pepper: Again another macaron with a twist, the kick of black pepper really added the needed kick to the overall satisfaction of this macaron
Passion Fruit: Surprisingly tangy taste that usual passion fruit macarons don’t have
Cappuccino: Creamy Espresso flavoured ganache. Coffee and tea macarons = HEAVENNNNNNN
Raspberry: Not too overwhelming of flavours
Cassis: black currant ganache that was sweet and earthy – not too big of a fan but still quite good
Tahitian Vanilla Bean: made from exotic vanilla beans – LOVE.

It’s hard for me to explain each sensation and emotion I get towards each macaron so apologies if my description was not too entertaining. Overall, I feel as if a lot of these macarons were better than Soirette’s. The flavours really stood out more but I must say Soirette still reigns on top with their tea infused macarons. I believe there isn’t a bakery that completely wins me over – each place has their unique recipes that creates the need to compare each macaron flavor rather than an entire bakery to another. 

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