[ The Secret Garden Tea Company ] Sweets, Cakes, and Finger Sandwiches


This was awhile ago but I completely forgot to write about it
Pinkies up for the fancy TAYYY PARTY!
In the midst of Kerrisdale, The Secret Garden Tea Company is a wonderful place for a small gathering to high tea. A tiny ring of the bell on top of the door announced our presence.With a reservation at 4:15pm, we arrived on time and was immediately seated. The service was exceptional with all the waitresses very friendly and welcoming. All the delicate china placed perfectly spaced on the table seemed too precious to even touch. With our high tea set, we all got to order individual teas and I ordered the Mango Green Tea.

When our individual tea pots came, I could not hold my laughter seeing this teapot cozy. I have never seen one before. It looks hilarious and really just adds to the fun of things. Opening the lid and smelling the tea - amazing. The rich aromas of a ripe mango felt like it surged through my senses. I love tea in general and this tea made me love tea more. I would've bought the tea packaged but I had to finish my teas from David'sTea and Tazo first. 

Our 3 tiered trays came and with a party of 6 we got 2 trays. Spending a couple minutes photographing made everyone anxious to dig in but of course pictures are more important right?
Top tier: Sweets
Middle tier: Cakes and scones
Lowest tier: Finger sandwiches

We began at the bottom with the array of mini sandwiches, rolls, and croissants. The entire bottom tier was amazing, each with their own distinct taste and texture. Biting into the soft buttery bread was very enjoyable. Fresh ingredients, cut into perfect portions, blast of different textures and flavours - I must say these were awesome!

Personally, was not a fan of the scones and cakes they had (hence the nonexistent photo of the middle tier)
They were all just - mediocre. No WOW factor, not impressive, did not feel made in house, did not taste fresh.

Saved the desserts for last! Within the top tier, nothing impressed me. The tacky bright green garnishes did not help the visual presentation of the entire dish at all. All of them felt like store made factory made desserts that were utterly too sweet. Not to be mean or anything but with the WOW factor from the sandwiches, this was a slight disappointment

Overall doesn't look like much food right? Surprisingly in two hours of snacking on these and drinking tea - we were all full. To me, going to an afternoon tea isn't my thing. I do like the general idea of it all but nonetheless the food just isn't worth the $30 price tag. I would say The Secret Garden Tea Company is a "I love the service, but the food is not so great"

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