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Located by Coal Harbour, the upscale decor and display of their products create a luxurious experience as soon as you walk in. This is my second time coming back and I had one purpose - to get Easter themed macarons. After scrolling through Pinterest for hours, the delicate designs makes me want to salivate onto my screen (rather than sniff it, Google. http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/nose/ ) Although not having the biggest sweet tooth, I craved to photograph instead. The chalky pastel colours, the designs, and unique flavours makes me want them so badly - especially on Easter. With their matcha chicks and mango eggs, my Easter would be complete.

As we were just about to head in, we saw a swarm of people in the minute shop. With only 3 tables, you know that with more than 6 people in there, it's a crowd. All 3 tables were reserved for high tea which forced us to get a box and just leave. No nice background for my photos, no bright lights, no long white plates... disappointment. We waited for a good 10 minutes for the people to choose their macarons and the swarm to clear a bit. Looking around the store I saw this.
ORGANIC IRON GODDESS OF MERCY - sorry what? Is this some mmorpg game? THROWBACK - jokes jokes, no more games.

We decided on a box of.... 30.
Yes. 30

This enormous treasure box full of jewels.
Even the employees there had a tough time closing it.

It was $75.
Don't worry, we shared it among us 5 so we each got 5 regular sized and one Easter one.

It was a tough choice picking the flavours, there were JUST SO MANY. One by one we called out the ones we wanted and when it got to me - I knew I had to pick ones I haven't tried.
As I said, this was my second time coming and if you want to see my post on my first experience just click the link below! It shows the store and how they displayed the macarons and just EVERYTHING.  http://mynameisbenton.tumblr.com/post/30020677254/food-adventure-of-the-day-soirette-macarons-tea

Moving on, I picked the ones I wanted and this was what it looked like when we opened it.
"All you need is love and it can be found in this box"
Cute I must say. (holding in my tears - SO MEANINGFUL, JUST WANT TO CRY WATERFALLS)
Oh and guess what, it gets better WAY BETTER.
Are you ready for it?

They just glow in the sunlight. Perfection in bite sized pieces.

Okay, I am done with the photo pour, time for the actual review.
Excluding the light blue one on top which is Earl Gray Cassis (see my older post on the link ABOVE) these are what I chose.
(From left to right)

Brown sugar fig - light purple
Chai - white
Pink Grapefruit - orange
Chambord - bright pink
Black Rose - darker purple
Easter Egg - egg in the back

What I look for in macarons:
-  big feet - the rough rim of the macaron (not the smooth part), the bigger the bigger - CHECK
- a smooth, crisp top that doesn't crumble to when you pick them up - CHECK
- soft, moist inside - CHECK
- not too sweet although generally they are a very sweet dessert - EHHH
- MOST IMPORTANT: taste - that KICK of "wow I know what this flavour is even if I was blindfolded"

Firstly, brown sugar fig was a disappointment - the brown sugar overpowered the fig, making it an overly sweet bite. Was not the best but not the worse.

Chai was amazing, they definitely make their tea based macarons the best. (Earl grey and this = heaven)
Had that KICK I was looking for, it was like drinking chai tea concentrate, in a solid bite sized cookie sandwich - if that makes sense.

Pink grapefruit I am not too sure, it had no KICK but it had a beautiful spray painted gradient from pink to orange on top.

Chambord is a French liqueur with raspberry, the associate made it sound so delicious but when I got to actually trying it, again it didn't have that wow factor.

Black rose was black licorice, legit. I was actually disgusted because I hate black licorice.

Easter egg was mango, no mango - though it was matcha. Awkward. What also made it not so great was the icing, it ruined the texture of the macaron. Adding a crunchy icing texture did not make the awkward flavour any better.

Trying out other flavours from everyone else, you could not go wrong with Ferrero Rocher, Rose (again they make tea based macarons the best), earl grey, and matcha. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to try out such unique flavours, but I would've never known right? Try something new everyday!

Being sort of disappointed, I know NOT to try out such CRAZY flavours next time. (Should have just gotten a box of early grey and chai). Definitely would say this is one of the best macaron places in Vancouver - Thomas Haas wins it all but Soirette isn't too far behind. They are good as a treat once in a while but do not get too many or eat them all at once - too overwhelming. Unless you are a die hard sweet tooth fanatic,

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