[ Les Faux Bourgeois ] The Rare Occasion for French Food


 Welcome to my new social platform for food reviews! I decided a blog would be a better way to showcase all the reviews I will be posting, starting with a delicious dinner at Les Faux Bourgeois.

Bread and Butter
With our 7:30PM reservation, we got there right on time and had to wait just a couple minutes for them to set our table. We sat down and proceeded to stuff our faces with bread and butter.

And as the time went on... 
and on...
and on...
 *looks at phone* 
oh... an hour has gone by,
Our poor stomachs starving in hopes to receive our food.

And then the magic came - all at once. 

Escargots De Bourgogne
Our beautiful escargot dish came presented on top of giant crouton-like bread slice. I shared this with a friend and we both really enjoyed the rich buttery texture. Surprisingly the buttery taste did not make me want to gulp down water after - I would like a second order please.

Le Steak Frites
You all know what this is. Steak served with fries. Steak was made very well and I liked how the red wine shallot got marinated into the meat. The rich scents made the meat oh so much better.

Coq Au Vin
 Free range chicken stewed in red wine with smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, pearl onions and roasted potatoes. This was absolutely perfect. I love mushrooms and this made me love mushrooms on a whole new level. The sauce it was made in was divine. Nothing too salty or overwhelming - all ingredients balanced perfectly in a harmonious lullaby. Yes, you read that right.
Canard Confit
Confit duck on a warm salad of saladaise potatoes, arugula, goat cheese and post jus. Perfect.

Noix De St-Jacques
 Yes, this is my dish - finally. I had to get the dish that I couldn't pronounce. Seared scallops with bacon, squash, brussels sprouts, potatoes and creme fraiche. To put into proportion, these scallops were nearly the size of half my palm. These were gigantic and plump. Each bite I could feel the entire scallop population in my mouth - deliciously meaty. The squash was my second enjoyable part of the dish, everything was creamy, rich, and ocean perfect.

Overall, the wait was worth it, definitely DEFINITELY worth it. The ambiance in the restaurant was sophisticated and quite relaxing.

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